The Wildebras 101

How did it all start?

Wildebras Vintage emerged in January 28, 2019 from the ambition and creativity of a close-knit street community in Tilburg.

Our vision

Our mission is to help big personalities shine through clothing. The clothing we offer is loud and special to help you stand out. We don't want to hold anyone back from rocking a style that they admire.  That's why we don't lable our clothes as being meant for men or women. We don't divide. 

We are sustainable

We all need to do our best to save the planet, and vintage clothing is the way to go, especially in 2020. All of our products are second-hand or organically produced from recycled fiber and they are getting shipped in recycled packaging, such as shoe boxes.

The team

Akin James

Style boss


Pien van Son

Merch boss


Damon Vervoort

Photo boss


Job Aarts

Blog boss


Esra Reijnen

Contact boss


Stijn Buschgens

Site boss


So, what do we do?

  • We don’t just “find” the clothes

    When we need new items, we all think of cool places where we could find them, such as private sales or foreclosure sales. Then, Emile checks them out and picks the clothing that we want to sell.

  • Quality? We got it

    When finding new items, Emile looks for loud and unique stuff. Who needs to fit in? We’re all special and our outfits should show it. We also have quality standards and appreciation for good brands, that’s why Emile goes and feels the clothing in person.

  • Hygiene!

    Even though it’s not really in her job description, we’ve convinced Pien to wash the clothing. She takes all of the newly bought items to the laundry room, separates them by colour and materials and washes them once, sometimes twice if needed.

  • Shoot, edit, update

    Damon is our creative genius. He looks at the clothing and prepares the perfect photoshoot. Esra gets in touch with friends and customers that want to model for us and then Damon takes the pictures.
    Stijn puts everything together and adds it in the store.

  • Old boxes are our friends

    When we start preparing an order, Emile asks around for old clothing or shoe boxes that have no use and makes sure they are clean as a whistle. Stijn and Yara wrap and prepare the packages. Just like that, we stick to our zero waste approach.

  • Communication is our forte

    We love hearing from you! Esra enjoys keeping in contact with our customers, being the friendly person that she is. Whether you had a good experience with us or you’re not happy with what you got, you should hit us up!


Free shipping for ALL NL orders above €49.95


All items can be returned and issued with a refund,

provided they arrive at our adress within 15 days

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