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    Our favorite vintage hardcore items from Australian.


Vintage Australian Jackets, Tracksuits and more

Australian can best be seen as the Gucci of the hardcore and hardstyle subcultures. Since 1946, the brand mainly produces jackets and other sportswear. The clothing is produced in Italy and is of exceptional quality. Designs of 80s and 90s Australian items are often very eccentric, consisting of striking colors and psychedelic patterns. Ideal rave wear!

Guarantee on Authenticity and Quality

All items we purchase are professionally checked for authenticity and quality. Thanks to our years of experience and the huge number of vintage Australian items we have, we know exactly how to distinguish every counterfeit item from a real Australian. We also always check for spots, holes and other imperfections. Only the very best items go on sale.  

If you are convinced that an item is not authentic, not perfect, or just not to your liking, you can always return it via the rules of our return policy .

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