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Shop the largest vintage Puma collection from NL

Vintage Puma Sweatshirts, Hoodies and More!

In addition to Nike , Adidas and Fila , Puma is the fourth sports brand on which we have focused our purchasing. Through various purchasing channels in the Netherlands and Germany, we manage to supplement our collection almost daily and in any case weekly with the most beautiful vintage gems from Puma. The most wanted Puma items at the moment are 80's and 90's sweatshirts and hoodies. We have therefore chosen to specialize in these product categories, but also offer vintage jackets, coats, tracksuits, T-shirts and pants from Puma.

Looking for something specific that you can't find here? Send us a DM ! We also have a lot of stock offline and it often happens that it is (not yet) available online, but we have received it.

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