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Shop the largest vintage Fila collection from NL


Where do our Vintage Fila items come from?  

Fila is one of the brands we have the most experience with. We specialize in purchasing vintage Fila clothing of only the highest quality. Fila has been extremely popular in the 80s and 90s, especially in Italy (where Fila comes from).  Most Fila items we sell are therefore originally from Italy.

The very best quality sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and more.

Vintage clothing that we sell from Fila must meet our super strict quality standards. The clothing is new, or should look as good as new. This means that for 95% of all Fila items we sell, no stain, loose seam or hole (however small) is tolerated. We only allow imperfections for very rare and/or sought-after items. These must be virtually invisible and must not be conspicuous. Because they are therefore not always clearly visible, imperfections are clearly stated in the description of the item and are photographed if visible enough to observe.


Are you nevertheless dissatisfied with a received product? Then you can always return it, without stated reason or conditions, according to the rules of our return policy .

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