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The best collection of vintage short and long sleeve T-shirts.


Vintage T-shirts and Longsleeves

We got you covered with some special USA designs, clean logo T-shirts, vintage spellouts, NBA Jerseys, university T-shirts and longsleeves! Rock them under your favorite sweaters or as the perfect eye-catcher of your outfit.

Single stitch T-shirts

Vintage T-shirts produced before 1995 can be recognized by the single-stitch. T-shirts from this era have a single stitch instead of a zizag or double stitching at the end of the sleeves and the bottom. Today, this technique is being reintroduced by some brands to recreate a vintage look. Checking for a single stitch is still the easiest way to check if a T-shirt was made before or after 1995.

Faded Vintage T-Shirts

Over time, a lot of sunlight and/or many washes will discolour a black T-shirt of any quality. The deepest black fades and gives way to a dark shade of gray. This is what you call fading. Every fade is different and adds to the authenticity and uniqueness of a vintage t-shirt.

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