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Vintage Jeans Kopen Online


Stay cozy in our super comfy vintage sweatshirts & hoodies!

  Vintage Jeans

We mainly sell vintage jeans from the 90s and 00s. We also have a number of jeans from the 80s, but the focus of our range is less on this. We offer jeans in different fits. Regular or straight fit, baggy, tapered, and skater jeans are the most common styles in our range. Each pair is carefully checked for quality. Only high-quality denim in a thick, sturdy quality meets our standard. After the denim has been inspected, we wash and dry the jeans. Steaming helps to get the "vintage smell" out of the items (tip: ironing a pair of vintage jeans properly can also do a lot!).

Vintage Branded Jeans

We sell vintage jeans from over 30 different brands but specialize in jeans from Levi's, Karl Kani, True Religion, Ed Hardy, Evisu, Fubu and Ecko.

Vintage Trousers

The majority of our vintage trousers were produced in the 1980s and 1990s. The trousers category includes vintage trousers, pleated trousers, chinos, dungarees, jogging trousers and sports trousers.


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