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Our favorite vintage Tommy Hilfiger items.  For vintage Tommy items we mainly specialize in the following categories:


Vintage Tommy Sweatshirts

Many of the greatest 90's style icons wore or still wear vintage Tommy Sweatshirts. Especially in the 90's and current hip-hop scene, Tommy Sweatshirts are extremely popular and are worn by greats like Snoop Dogg and Travis Scott.


We sell Tommy sweatshirts in different styles. They can be roughly divided into o-necks, turtlenecks / turtlenecks, crewnecks (a model between a turtleneck and an o-neck. The neck is raised and close to the neck but is not as high as a turtleneck)  and v-necks.  

Vintage Tommy Blouses

One of the most iconic vintage Tommy Hilfiger products are Tommy blouses. Since the brand was founded in 1985, the blouses have often been designed in the theme of the United States flag. Tommy Hilfiger's house colors (red, white and blue) correspond to those of the flag, so a comparison is quickly made.


Vintage Tommy Jackets, Coats and Cardigans

Although they are very difficult to get, we specialize in obtaining vintage, especially 90s Tommy Hilfiger jackets and coats. These jackets are often very strikingly designed and very striking for the eccentric style of the 90s. The jackets are scarce, but we do our best to always offer at least a few online.

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