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Since the start of our vintage clothing webshop, we have had more than 500 vintage Nike items in our hands. Varying from sweatshirts and T-shirts to caps, sweaters, cardigans and actually much more. The vast majority of our own collection consists of items from the 90s and 80s, but we have also come across a lot of items from the 00s and even the 70s (although these are very hard to find these days).

Since Nike first designed clothing with the world-famous “Swoosh” in 1971 (which was designed by student Carolyn Davidson for $35, by the way). The designs of the neck labels, composition labels and the Swoosh itself have been continuously adapted and renewed, making it very easy for people with little vintage shopping experience to find out what time a vintage Nike item comes from.

Check out our Vintage Nike label guide to find out what era your swooshy gems come from!

Vintage Nike Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Crewecks  

Vintage Nike Sweatshirts and Crewnecks

We sell Nike sweaters in different styles. They can be roughly divided into o-necks, turtlenecks / turtlenecks, crewnecks (a model between a turtleneck and an o-neck. The neck is raised and close to the neck but is not as high as a turtleneck)  and v-necks.  

Vintage Nike Spellouts

The most wanted Nike sweatshirts are spellouts. Spellout sweatshirts are real 90's icons where the name of the brand in the form of an embroidery or print is shown in full and large on the front of the item.  

Vintage Nike Hoodies

Vintage Nike hoodies are easy to distinguish from sweatshirts because of the hood Hoodies speak for themselves, but a model that is very characteristic of specifically vintage hoodies is the 1/4 zip or "quarter zip". This model also exists among sweatshirts and can be recognized by the zipper that runs from the neck to about 1/4 of the hoodie. A 1/4 zip makes putting on a hoodie even more comfortable by allowing more room to put your head through. You can also leave the zipper open once you have the 1/4 zip on for a slightly more airy wearing comfort.

Curious about all our vintage sweaters and hoodies? Then check this page.

Vintage Nike Jackets and Vests

In addition to hoodies, crewnecks and sweatshirts, we also specialize in obtaining vintage jackets and cardigans from Nike. This part of our range mainly concerns polyester and polyamide (nylon) sports jackets from the 80s and 90s.

Curious about all our vintage jackets and cardigans? Then check this page .​​​

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