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Buy vintage clothing at our wholesaler


Where can you buy vintage clothing?

If you don't have the right connections, it is very difficult to buy vintage clothing on a large scale. Whether you have just started a vintage clothing store, have plans for your own webshop or just want to earn some extra money with Vinted or Marktplaats, it is really  not easy. Let's be honest, before we were able to successfully supply our webshop with the supply of new vintage range, we had a lot of trouble with this ourselves for two years. We bought clothes from thrift stores, other vintage shops and had some other not so efficient ways to occasionally put new clothes online.

It just didn't work.

We have now come a long way and we have built up a large international network of wholesalers, clothing sorters and collectors who collect the very best vintage clothing for us worldwide. The clothing is sorted by these suppliers, assessed for quality and washed. Only the highest quality clothing passes our own inspections.

There are websites in the Netherlands and abroad that offer vintage clothing for retailers, but these always have a few backdoors from which the real vintage gems disappear. If you've ever bought vintage clothing online in bulk before, you'll love this  recognize the problem . The really good clothing is filtered out and sold to parties that have much more money available than the average vintage start-up. The leftovers are often sold for ridiculous prices and without return options.  

Are there no good vintage suppliers?

Certainly! How do you think we get our clothes? The problem is that the best suppliers only do business with large parties that can afford it  to place sample orders. A starting vintage retailer or someone who takes the world a little more seriously  wanting to explore is actually not an option for most wholesalers.  

To solve this problem for you, we have launched our own vintage wholesale department. Due to the contacts we have built up, it is possible for us to contact everyone who is interested  can provide good quality vintage (branded) clothing. It is not necessary for us to place sample orders, because we have already done that ourselves for the purchase of our own range.  Even if you have just started or haven't started at all, we can provide you or your company with vintage.

But won't I get a mess?

Certainly not! The clothing we sell in wholesale-friendly portions comes from exactly the same suppliers as our own range. Curious? Check out the webshop! Are you not satisfied with the clothing received despite the quality control of our suppliers and our own? Then you can always, and always return it according to the rules of our return policy .

Do you have questions about buying vintage clothing, or are you looking for a product category that we don't currently offer online? Contact us!

Bel  or mail Stijn or DM us, we like it too :).

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