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​​Vintage Nike Sweaters

Our bestsellers! Vintage Nike sweaters are the most sought-after items from our entire range. They are therefore very difficult to come by, especially in the quality in which we offer them online. We sell all styles from 80s, 90s to 00s. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are often able to determine very accurately from which decade, and sometimes even year, certain Nike articles come from. Curious from which era your own favorite Nike gems come from?

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Vintage Nike Sweatshirts and Crewnecks

We sell Nike sweaters in different styles. They can be roughly divided into o-necks, turtlenecks / turtlenecks, crewnecks (a model between a turtleneck and an o-neck. The neck is raised and close to the neck but is not as high as a turtleneck)  and v-necks.  

Vintage Nike Spellouts

The most wanted Nike sweatshirts are spellouts. Spellout sweatshirts are real 90's icons where the name of the brand in the form of an embroidery or print is shown in full and large on the front of the item.  

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